December - January 2017 New Year, New Features

An assortment of new features were generated within this time frame. A new way was devised to capture a person's pulse using iOS devices. An exciting new introduction video to MedVoice was developed. More features were added to the CareGiver's Dashboard such as the ability to view invoices, view the Connected Care page, and modifying profile page.

September - November 2016 MedVoice Appointment Feature and Redesign of CareGivers Dashboard

Appointment feature is fully implemented on the MedVoice app. A new elegant and polished redesign of CareGivers' dashboard is created. The CareGivers' dashboard contains all the tools necessary for CareGivers to manage their clients.

June - August 2016 MedVoice's Expansion to Newport Beach

MedVoice's office relocated from Fountain Valley to Newport Beach. Video and phone call feature was successfully implemented. Implementation for MedVoice's appointment feature began in July

April - May 2016 Software Conversion Successful for Samsung

Gary and Ted joined MedVoice in May 2016, becoming key figures for success. MedVoice's Chief Scientist successfully implemented the pulse analysis for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

January - March 2016 iOS framework Android Development Patent in DC

Filing of desktop and portable design patents, conversion to Voice Diagnostic design, cloud server, and mobile app. Android development began in February.

October - December 2015 First Hardware Prototype Written in C#

The first prototype for the Pulse Analysis is written in C# and ready for testing. Pulse Analysis was able to pick up patient's pulse and collect data to provide pertinent recommendations.
October - December 2015

August - September 2015 Formation of MedVoice

Software development team is assembled. October 2015, founder traveled to Cambodia to visit the devleopment team. The MedVoice's logo is created and a sign is constructed for MedVoice's office.

July - September 2015 Formation of MedVoice

May - July 2015 Business Plan Presentation Mai Associates Investment

May and June were busy months filled with presentations of MedVoice. July, marked the investment of Mai Associates into MedVoice. The Mai Associates investment is an essential event that provide MedVoice with the resources necessary to propel forward.

March - April 2015 Dockets Formation Patent Filing

Creation of MedVoice's dockets. The MedVoice's dockets contains a series of important documents necessary for the creation of MedVoice. Patent filing for MedVoice's technology began in April.

2012-2014 Fundraising

Networking and fundraising are crucial for a startup. These required years to build and compile for the funds and resources necessary to start MedVoice. MedVoice's founder traveled the globe to perform fundraisers.
2012-2014 : Fundraising

2001-2012 Architect Design Phase

After more than a decade of research and development and patent filing, USPTO, WIPO, FDA approval was granted for the hardware design. In addition, CB and UL certifications were also received.

1987-2001 Research Phase

MedVoice scans required over 20+ years of research with completion of the prototype hardware diagnostic sensor system based on TCM. Pulse Analysis data was collected with refinements made throughout the years.

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History Presented in Your Timeline . Our history shows the long journey it took from MedVoice’s inception to the time of its launch. The timeline presented the key figures that are involved and pivotal events in the development of MedVoice. MedVoice applies science based technology for users to detect potential health conditions through our patented computational algorithmic analysis. With over 10 years of usage and research on pulse waveforms, our solution has been re-transformed to be delivered as mHealth app to smartphones or tablet computers. MedVoice would then provide the ability for lifestyle conscious individuals to connect and engage with nearby or distant subscribers outside of their current social network with common ailments affecting their overall wellness. The results are delivered downstream to be charted and presented on a smart phone screen dashboard, where the user can learn to make effective health informed decisions.