Social Health Awareness

MedVoice strives to raise health awareness with social support using its ability to display possible health predispositions using voice recognition, your device's camera and CareClient's inputs. The MedVoice platform provide CareClients with the tools necessary to help the improve their overall lifestyle. CareClients can connect with other CareClients with similar situations or receive professional assistance from CareGivers.


medvoice platform

We are pleased to introduce an easy to use health awareness app and social caring platform that offers the ability for lifestyle conscious individuals to connect, engage, and stay informed

Our advanced technology, culminated from years of research will suggest users with possible health conditions and offer recommendation to connect instantaneously to health specialists (CareGivers) and other like-conditioned people (CareClients) outside of their current social networks by offering:

Upon a patented computational algorithmic analysis of the individualized data, the suggested conditions are delivered downstream to be charted and presented on the apps’ dashboard, where the user can learn to make effective health informed decisions.