our promise

We value your faith in us. Therefore, we vow to value your privacy, while being open about our data techniques, shielding your data, never selling your personal data, allowing you to opt-in or opt-out in sharing, and most importantly only assemble information that aids in improving our services and your experience.

If you want more information, you can peruse our full privacy policy. And, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, email us at info@medvoicebio.com.

Information Collected

Device Info

We collect your information to present you with information that is pertinent to you. When you activate a device, we ask for information like height and weight to personalize your stats. When you use it, we collect data like number of steps you take or your BMI to show your stats and progress. And when you sync, we collect data like sync time and battery level, to help you keep your tracker (and yourself) up and running.

Your IP Address

When you visit our site, we collect your IP address to ensure that you are getting the content that’s relevant to you and your locale.


Our policy on cookies—in life, and online—is that we like them a lot, in moderation. However, the cookies that we are talking about are the small data files stored on your computer by a website. When you visit our site, we use cookies and other technologies to improve what we do and how we do it. Cookies also allow us to save your preferences and allow you to remain login to participate in our community forum. Get more details in our Cookie Policy.


When you add friends to your MedVoice account by email, we’ll use the contact information you provide to send them an invitation to join you on MedVoice. But we promise not to add them to a marketing list or use their email after that. We want to help you connect with people and make sharing with others quicker and easier.

GPS and Location

Some features, like run mapping, require us to collect location data like GPS signals, device sensors, Wi-Fi access points, and cell tower IDs. But we’ll only collect that data when you’re using those features.

Account Info

Everything’s better when it’s tailored to you. That’s why we save info like your email and date of birth when you make a MedVoice account. And why, when you create a profile description, set your time zone, upload a profile picture or add information to customize your experience, we store that information in your account.

Your Contact Info

We’ve tried, but we just can’t get the psychic thing down. So, when you contact us for help, we collect your name, email, and the details of your request to make sure we get you the answers you need.

Purchase Details

When you buy a health report, we use your credit card information to process your purchase. We will also collect information such as your name, billing information, and billing address to complete the transaction.

Social Media

Let you use Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Jawbone to create your account, or if you connect your MedVoice account with those accounts, we’ll ask for permission to access basic information from that account, such as your name, profile picture, and friend list. Please review the privacy settings with these third party services to ensure that you are sharing information that you feel comfortable sharing.

Reason for Collection

To get smart

We use your personal information like height, weight, gender, and age to be more accurate about the stats your device is tracking (ex: how many calories you burn). We use this data to provide you with a MedVoice score so you can track the great progress that you have accomplished or to provide you with information so that you can make informed decisions regarding your lifestyle choices.

To protect you

We may use data and logs to research, understand, troubleshoot and improve our products and services, to protect against error or criminal activity, and to enforce our Terms of Service.

To provide better services

We use your data to learn more about you so we can customize contents and provide recommendations that are relevant to you. We want to provide you services that are made uniquely for you.

To stay in touch

We use your contact info so we can send you notifications, allow other MedVoice users to add you as a friend, and—if you give us the OK—to inform you about new features or products we think you might be interested in.

To do better

We use de-identified data (data that does not identify you personally) to share general information about people’s activities. For example, we might create an infographic about popular summer workouts to use in a new marketing email.

To personalize contents

We use your information to personalize the advertising and contents that you see. Our system analyze the information you provided us to provide you with customized search results.

Personal Data Ownership

Data That Doesn’t Identify You

MedVoice may share or sell aggregated, de-identified data that can’t be linked back to you, with partners and the public in a variety of ways, such as by providing research or reports about health and lifestyle or as part of our Premium membership.

Data That Could Identify You

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is data that includes a personal identifier like your name, email or address, or data that could reasonably be linked back to you. We will only share this data under extremely limited circumstances.

Data That You Tell Us to Share

You can direct us to share your data with other parties—like when you link your MedVoice account with a third-party app, send status updates to your Facebook or Twitter account, or direct us to share data with your employer as part of a wellness program. We want to make your sharing experience effortless.

Ways you can share your data

Making Your Profile Public

Sometimes you feel like sharing, sometimes you don’t. Use the “Profile Viewed By” tool in your account settings to see what’s visible to others, then adjust your privacy settings to your liking.

Posting in the Community

To post to MedVoice community message boards, you’ll be asked to create a community username, separate from your MedVoice profile name, which will be posted next to any comments you publish. If you ever wanted to give yourself a cool nickname, here's your time to shine!

Entering Contests & Giveaways

If you win that trip to Hawaii, don't worry, we'll let you know! Any data you submit in connection with MedVoice contests, giveaways and other promotions will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy, unless otherwise noted.

Using Social Tools

When you post comments to MedVoice community message boards, your data will be displayed based on your visibility settings. Because you’re a boss and other people should know that about you.

Taking a Survey

MedVoice may ask you to fill out surveys to help us understand your use of our products and services. Any information you provide in connection with these surveys will only be used in relation to that survey.