Connect With Users Around the World

Welcome to the new era of telemedicine where you can connect with other users from across the globe. You're no longer constrained to receiving healthcare advise from healthcare professionals around your immediate vicinity.


Need advice? Have a question? Get the answers that you need from CareGivers around the world. Meet our dedicated and knowledgeable community of healthcare advisors.


Provide your expertise to CareClients in real time. Connect immediately with users and develop your relationship with numerous users across the globe.


All in One Feature

MedVoice's telehealth encompasses various technology that will help you maintain and achieve your health goals.

The MedVoice application provides users with an opportunity to obtain health advice from other users across the world. The telemedicine feature is comprised of an assortment of methods of communication.

Users can use the video call, voice call, or texting messaging function to connect with each other.

When you have a quick question, you can simply send a text message to another user. If you need further assistance, you can make an appointment to request a video or voice call with a certified CareGiver. Text messaging is free for everyone, but video and voice call with a CareGiver may incur charges.

Make an Appointment

MedVoice's simple to use appointment feature allow you to easily create an appointment with a CareGiver. Unlike your regular doctor appointment, you won't have to sit around in a waiting room. A built in reminder will prevent you from missing your appointment.